Portable Charcoal Table

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Portable Charcoal Table


Portable Charcoal Table

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Product Description

The Portable Charcoal Table features an adjustable lever that allows you to lock the grill into
position to provide for safe and secure barbecuing. The steel table includes a textured, painted
surface to accommodate a variety of Weber® portable grills. Table end caps include molded tool
hooks for easy storage. To transport or store the table, detach the legs and place them in the
holes on the underside of the table. A black handle grip will make moving the table easy.

Designed for use with Weber® portable grills. Fits the following grills: Smokey Joe® Silver
charcoal grill, Smokey Joe® Gold charcoal grill, Jumbo Joe® charcoal grill (2013-2015 models only),
Go-Anywhere® charcoal grill, and Go-Anywhere® gas grill.

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