Sun Garden Premium is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the international holding company “Exway Limited”, which is mainly engaged in all kinds of outdoor furniture, shade equipment, modular houses, canvas tents and mosquito nets in Hong Kong. With its 60 years’ Experience will be the business development of different product direction:

The new garden as manufacturing role at the same time around the world imported high-quality products, sources: Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Israel, Europe, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Product variety, the company can be the most reasonable price concessions to customers. In Hong Kong and domestic production base, an area of 20,000 square meters set up production and research and development departments, to design, research, improved and made products, reduce mission and can quickly respond to market requirements, the development of the market to meet the appropriate products. Dah Sing brand in the past focused on the local market in Hong Kong, 2000, the positive development of overseas export markets. Over the past few years with the production of high quality tents and outdoor furniture products, successfully open up the market. Products are exported to Italy, France, Spain, North America, Thailand, Malaysia and other places. With overseas and domestic development, the total export growth of more than 20% per year, in addition to the Hong Kong area into a row of five rooms, the company in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Malaysia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austria have offices or showroom, All – round development.


In the project, the company set up a rich engineering team, direct customer service, according to different projects, from design, drawing, pricing and site construction, by the company to provide one-stop service. And standing all year round third-party insurance, protection of customers. (AFCD, LCSD, Hospital Authority, Invasion University, Lingnan University, China Light and Power Company, Yangtze River Group, Hong Kong Electric Power Company Limited, Hong Kong Electricity Company Limited, Hong Kong Electricity Company Limited, Letter and the Group, the Miramar Group, etc.)

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